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Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect in business. As "Quality equals Value". Satisfied customers are, and will always be, our most valuable assets.
Continue to invest in our human capital. Continue to make certain the best quality products and services are delivered to our clients and business partners to ensure they will achieve their Human Capital objectives effectively and efficiently.
Human Capital is the most valuable resource a company must invest and manage efficiently in order to excel in the market. In order to achieve this goal, it does not merely require a system, but a strategic business partner who can understand your needs and professional advice.
- 1987 MRC Ltd Found
- 1991 MRC Payroll System (DOS Version) Launched
- 1996 Window Version of MRC HRMS Launched
- 2000 Launched Bilingual Version and MPF Module
- 2001 Listed on 5 June (8070) on Hong Kong GEM Stock Exchange
- 2001 Launched HRMS 3.0 Enterprise Version - Podium
- 2001 Opened our PRC head office in Donggaun
- 2004 Released upgraded version - MRC HR Podium V3.5
- 2005 Released upgraded version (Oracle version)
- Today over 400 companies in Hong Kong , PRC, Taiwan , Macau and Asia Pacific are using MRC HRMS

Today over 500 companies in Hong Kong , PRC, Taiwan , Macau and Asia Pacific are enjoying the benefits from MRC HRIS
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