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Podium is designed to be high flexibility to handle all business nature HR operations. It runs on MS Window and compatible with different kinds of database engine such as MS SQL, Oracle, DBII and Sybase.

Podium has three major modules to handle different kinds of HR issues – Compensation and Benefit Management, Performance Management, HR Portal (E HR).
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 Products »  Podium »  Multi-language
- Up to five languages
- English, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) or Japanese...etc.
- Selects the desired language, the reports produced will automatically be displayed in different languages you required.
 Products »  Podium »  Multi-currency
- System can support unlimited currency
- Produce consolidation report with multi-currency presentation
 Products »  Podium »  Multi-Company with Independent policy
- Support different company policies with user-friendly interface
- It treat each company as an INDENDENT PROFILE, each company in the database will have it's own set of policies, security settings, etc.
- It gives a greater flexibility to group companies as all companies are operated independently, and yet data for all the companies is stored in one database for analysis.
- Data input can be performed centrally or in a distributed environment.
 Products »  Podium »  Matrix Organization Hierarchy Setting
 Products »  Podium »  Audit Trail Function
- System can generate different kinds of audit trail report; add, edit, view or delete.
 Products »  Podium »  Import & Export Function to MS excel, txt & dbf
- Payroll transaction, movement or termination transaction can use import and export functions.
 Products »  Podium »  File Builder
- Modify the field property more flexibility.
 Products »  Podium »  Screen Designer
- User define the screen layout
- More user friendly
 Products »  Podium »  Plug & Play Customization
- Consolidate library
 Products »  Podium »  Portable Programming Code
- Flexible customization by Portable code
- MRC Portable Code caters for situations where the business logic is different and can cope with any different or unusual calculation requirements.
- Each individual company policy and pay calculation formula will be stored in the system. This methodology will significantly increase the software flexibility and improve maintenance efficiency at reduced cost
- With MRC Portable code the formulae are not stored in the programs, but are stored in the database files and would contain only a specific user's required formula. This also enables a user with Portable Code to accept and install upgrades very easily as no further programming changes are required.
- It saves time in program testing, thus reducing your costs and also no impact to functions that are already working correctly.
 Products »  Podium »  Unlimited Formula Setting
- Supports basic calculation
- Equip import / export function with Excel format
- Complicated and special calculations (supports “if, then and else” calculation)
- Cope with unusual calculation requirements or specific policies by using MRC unique program code
- Allowance/deduction formula can be set by user
- Formula evaluation is instant testing function to check the allowance/deduction formula setting
- Multiple batch method to control viewer
- Budget control factor, allowance/deduction can defined as fixed pay, variable pay or benefit
 Products »  Podium »  Photo Management
- Capture unlimited image, such as Photo, Certificate, ID Card, reference letter etc.
 Products »  Podium »  Multi-level Security
- Function, staff classification and data level
 Products »  Podium »  User Defined Searching Rules
- Unlimited searching rules can defined
- Any combination of searching rules can defined
 Products »  Podium »  Powerful Search Engine
- Search engine can apply in any screen or reports
- Multi criteria can defined
 Products »  Podium »  Scorecard Engine
- Scoring entry with weighting, minimum, target and actual
- Generate analysis report
 Products »  Podium »  Powerful Report Builder
- Powerful sorting and filtering function
- High Security (User are allowed to retrieve the data related to their subordinates only)
- Allow to insert Word or Excel files into Report Module
- Directly export Excel format from Report Module with simplify procedure
- Allow to produce pie/bar/line chart and tables directly in Report Module
- More cosmetic tools to reformat the layout (e.g. add image, change font size or change the background color, etc.)
- Report sharing to all divisions / departments up to security methodology
 Products »  Podium »  Graphic Presentation on Reporting
- Table, Line Chart, Bar Chart, or Pie Chart etc.
 Products »  Podium »  Over 40 Standard Payroll Reports
- New Staff Listing
- Terminated Staff Listing
- Payroll Summary Report
- Payroll Comparison Summary
- Payroll Summary Report (By Payment Method)
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