Clients' Reference Letters
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  AFSC Operations Ltd.
"After reviewing the prototype payroll system, we believe that their system architecture provides more flexibilities to cope with our payroll processing requirements and it is feasible to provide sufficient information for fulfilling our management needs. We therefore decided to sign the contract with MRC. With the support provided by MRC, we were able to implement the system and reprocessed 3 months payroll data within 5 hours. During the implementation process, minor software errors were detected and MRC was able to solve the problems promptly"

Yours sincerely, Gary Mung Financial Controller For and behalf of AFSC Operations Limited

 Website: www.afsc.com.hk
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Asco General Supplies (Far East) Limited
"Currently the software is used by us daily and have provided significant improvement to our operation.The system meets our requirements and has the flexibility to cope with our future changes.It can help us to reduce errors and eliminate the manpower that was required before."

Sincerely, Vivian So Administration Manager

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Automated Systems (HK) Ltd.
07 May 2002

"All of us have same opinion that MRC HRMS is a comprehensive and reliable software package, which can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our daily operation. The stable system performance also gives us a confidence on the road of office automation and can sharply reduce the workload of verification on payroll calculation. We also appreciate their outstanding service quality from whole team of MRC members. Their quick, accurate and helpful response reflects that they are a group of responsible & trustworthy person while facing any emergency events. Their patient attitude also shows their respect and concern to is anytime. Without their professional service, we believe that we couldn't move smoothly during the implementation period."

Yours sincerely, Automated systems (HK) Limited Catherine Cheng Personnel & Administration Manager

 Website: www.asl.com.hk
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Avery Dennison Hong Kong B.V.
22 Aug 2000

"I was always delighted that we can solicit support or training from your teammates whenever we have technical difficulties in running the MRC system.Needless to say, the system has really enhanced the analysis of our HR information system."

Yours sincerely, Bemadette Chau HR& Administration Manager

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Banco Santander, SA
"Overall, we found that the MRC system is stable, accurate and very user-friendly.We have no hesitation to recommend this software to any of your future customers."

Sincerely Any Kan Senior HR manager

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Bank Austria
14 Jan 1998

"The system is user’s friendly and we were able to operate it smoothly and confidently within a short period of time.Last year, we upgraded the system from a DOS version to a window-based human resources system.The new window-based software, besides capable to produce standard reports, the quarry function and the report generator function provide additional features allowing us to produce sophisticated management and statistical reports."

Sincerely Andy Yeung Deputy General Manager

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Bank of Boston
22 Nov 1993

"We would like to thank you for the services you and your staff have rendered us in the modifications, training and installation of the payroll system which has been installed and is now running smoothly and effectively. Throughout the project, your team has demonstrated dedication and a high degree of professionalism, sparing a lot of efforts to ensure the timely installation and training of the program."

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Chemical Bank
25 Jul 1995

"As regard to the 'Payroll System', we found that it is reliable and helpful when processing the monthly payroll information as well as the tax reporting documentation to Inland Revenue Department.We are certain that the 'Personnel Information Module' of this system can further assist us in categorising our employees data and provide more flexibility when retrieving the personal information."

Sincerely Paul Ng VP & Personnel Manager

 Website: www.chemicalbankmi.com
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  DG Bank
"From my pass experience, I would say the software is a helpful and an invaluable management tool for Human Resources Professionals.Not only does it assist us to streamline most of the routine human resources task, but also its flexibility on the reporting features is particularly useful for us.I have no hesitation in recommending the software to any of your future customers."

Sincerely Alice Chan Head of Human Resource & Administration

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Enviropace Limited
02 Feb 1998

"Your staff has been very helpful and was able to provide services in areas related to the use of your HR system, as well as the use of PC and other PC software"

Sincerely Alice York Human Resource Manager

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  European Transport System Limited
29 Nov 1993

"We are pleased to let you know that the MRC Payroll System has been a great help to us in our personnel records system.The System offers rather complete and reliable programs for the Hong Kong environment and practice.We find the bank autopay and government tax reporting features particularly useful.Since we purchased that payroll system, we were able to computerize our personnel files maintenance, reduce errors and eliminate the tremendous manpower that was required before."

Sincerely Wendy Wong General Manager of Accounting and Administration

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  FAG Automotive Bearings Co. Ltd.
"it is your members’ patience and effort help to overcome all difficulties.Though most of the jobs are done through emails & phones, thanks for your team members’ prompt actions, all our problems are solved within a short period of time even sometimes surprised us a bit."

Sincerely Belinda Jin Human Resource Manager

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Forward Winsome Industries Limited
11 Apr 2002

"We have been using the system since August 1993 mainly for our payroll, attendance and MPF applications. The user-friendly system was welcomed by our staff, who found that with the MRC HRMS, our business processes are much more smoother than before. Besides, the comprehensive after-sales services and excellent customer supports offered by your company also deserve high credits. While we have high regard for its quality, reliability and stability, we would recommend the MRC HRMS to any company that needs a total solution for human resources management"

Yours faithfully, James Hon Director

 Website: www.fowind.com
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Freshfields Services Limited
28 Sep 2003

"Fist of all, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your high quality of services provided by your team members especially Mr. Raymond Chan, the marketing manager and Mr. Wing Lai, the technical consultant in the provision of the above system.As a team leader to implement the system in our firm since February 2003, I found that the system is highly flexible to fit the operations.With a professional support by Mr. Wing Lai, the system can be gone live in May 2003.Our payroll system is running effective and efficient."

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Hill & Knowlton Asia Ltd.
10 Nov 1997

"We have found that the system's software has fulfilled a most critical need in our human resources operation. It functions in a well-developed interface environment which enhances our efficiency in performing payroll-related tasks. The powerful report generating utility also provided is with more analytical functions and introduced new areas of consideration in our financial planning. The basis for successful interpretation of client needs is essentially service orientation and, in this regard, MRC has proved to be excellent."

Yours faithfully, Kristine Kwan Personnel & Administration KK/ec

 Website: www.hillandknowlton.com
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Lever Shirt G.W.B. & D. F.T.Y. LTD.
"MRC Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is user’s friendly, useful software and it’s able to fulfill our most requirements in our human resource operation.With the support provided by MRC, we were able to implement the system smoothly so that we could operate the system effectively. We would like to say thanks to your professional team who helped and provided us professional opinion and services to our company.They are very helpful, responsible and always supportive."

Eddie Yeung MIS Manager

 Website: www.levershirt.com.hk
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Lotus Tours Limited
28 Jan 2000

"The whole system is now working and our HR management has found it is be extremely useful, practical and user-friendly.We are very impressed by the report writer function which allows us to generate various types of management reports almost instantly."

Irene Lam Director of HR

 Website: www.lotus-tours.com
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Maersk Hong Kong Limited
24 Jun 2004

"In June 20002, we started sourcing for a local HR System to replace our existing PeopleSoft HR System. We expected that the new system will be able to provide similar functions and features as our old system, however with lower initial as well as on-going maintenance cost. Finally we chose MRC HR System. We found that the system was well suited to our requirements being well designed and schedule and smooth implementation. It is worth mentioning that the report writer is an excellent tool that enables our HR staff to create additional reports with minimal from either MRC or our internal IT team. All in all, MRC HR system is a package not only with good value for the money but also enhancing good opportunity to improve our internal control and streamline our operation process. The quality of their service team was excellent since they possess good knowledge in IT as well as HR practice."

Allan Wong Director

 Website: www.maersksealand.com
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  NEC Electronics Hong Kong Ltd.
28 Apr 1994

"We found that the software was useful and very user-friendly, and it suit our purpose very well. Moreover, the services that your staff provided to us was also noteworthy. We will recommend this software to any of your future customers both in industrial and commercial area."

For and on behalf of NEC Electronics Hong Kong Limited K. Suennga Assistant General manger – Administration

 Website: www.nec.com.hk
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  NedFinance (Asia) Ltd.
"MRC has been very professional and patient to explain and implement the system, and after processing few months payroll data, we are fully fami8liar with the operation procedures.In fact MRC is one of our prime software suppliers and we are highly satisfied with their prompt and professional service."

Robin Lee Senior manger – Operation

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Nippon Express (HK) Company Limited
04 Nov 1997

"As far as the system itself is concerned, it is user-friendly and I am confident that it can be picked up by anyone easily after receiving a basic training. It goes without saying that certain human resources functions are truly and fully automated with the installation of this system. What impresses me most is the dynamic features of the report generator that accompanies the software. It is virtually possible in generating any type of data that comes to mind and I find particularly helpful in summarizing complicated data. What takes hours to complete in the past can now be accomplished within a very short time frame, of course this requires an indepth understanding of the module as well as the nature of the data files. In my opinion, once one get mastered to this, it goes a long way towards making the preparation of reports an interesting part of the job."

Yours faithfully, C.W Wong Administration Manager

 Website: www.nittsu.com.hk
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Qualidux Industrial Company Ltd.
12 Oct 1999

"During the education, data conversion and implementation phases, the supporting team from MRC has demonstrated their professionalism in the product and in staff training. The scope of technical support from time to time, our implementation and data integrity would not be possible. All in all, MRC is a package not only with good value for the money but also enhancing good opportunity to improve internal control and streamline day-to-day operations. Accordingly, we do not hesitate in recommending this quality product and service to any potential user."

Yours faithfully, For Qualidux Industrial Company Limited Bruce S.B Yam Financial Controller Tommy Yeung MIS Manger

 Website: www.qualidux.com.hk
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  SGS Hong Kong Limited
"Letter Of Appreciation Mrc Human Resource Management System (Hrms) Along with smooth operations, we find that MRC HRMS is user-friendly and flexible to handle multiple and complicated user requirements on different HRM functions, such as payroll and leave administration, staff attendance control, re-allocation of personnel costing, and record administration for personnel information. With the comprehensive user training, we are delighted that they system can start easily and manipulated by beginners."

Yours sincerely, For and on behalf of SGS Hong Kong Ltd. Candy Lee Division Manager Human Resources & Administration

 Website: www.hk.sgs.com
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Sodexho (Hong Kong) Ltd.
19 Dec 2002

"With the comprehensive user training, we can be broaden our eyesight on the functions and system logic against the system, which is definitely a great assistance for us to streamline our daily operation and fully utilize the system. We have no doubt to recommend MRC Human Resource Management System to others HR professional. We wish that we would continuously gain the benefits from such fabulous service quality by the whole team of MRC members."

Yours sincerely, Tracy Lee Personnel and Administration Manager

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Tai Ping Carpets Limited
11 Jul 2001

"we have found the system to be a user friendly, reliable and flexible human resources software package. HRMS has catered for most of our complicated company policies without sacrificing its promised efficiency and functions. The system has greatly improved the efficiency of our Human Resources Department. They professional advice and timely service offered to is at all times during the implementation stage and the maintenance period has been excellent. We believe that the smooth transition to the new HRMS is to a great extent due to their expertise and helpful attitude throughout this period."

Yours sincerely, For and on behalf of Tai Ping Carpets International Limited Alice Yuen Human Resources & Administration Manager

 Website: www.taipingcarpets.com
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  The American Club
02 Feb 1998

"we are satisfied with the overall performance of the software and the service provided by the supporting team from the company. I would speak positively of this system to other users if I was approached for advise for choosing a Payroll and HR Management software."

Sincerely, Heinsen Chan Human Resource Manager

 Website: www.americanclubhk.com
 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Tillsonburg Apparel Limited
29 Mar 2001

"We would like to express our gratitude to the MRC members who helped us on the change over from the previous personnel system. Without their support during the implementation period, we would not be able to operate effectively. On an ongoing basis, they are still giving us their full support on our queries and helping us to resolve the problems that we raised from time to time."

Yours faithfully, For and on behalf of Tillsonburg Resources Asia Ltd. Lillian Tse Company Secretary & Admin. Manager

 Community »  Clients' Reference Letters »  Vickers Ballas Hong Kong Ltd.
17 Jan 1994

"The software was installed in February 1993. MRC was able to schedule a professional implementation plan and trained our staff to our complete satisfaction. The software was completed implemented within one month and was used under production environment since March 1993."

Yours faithfully, Bonnie Kwung Personnel & Administration Manager

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